Where we came from…

Flying Fish Adventures is an offshoot of our sister company Worldwide Diving Adventures (WDA). Through WDA, we’ve been leading groups on exotic, luxury trips to the best dive destinations on the globe for many years. It is part of our soul to be on the ocean or in the wilderness. Adding in trips that incorporate our passions for fly fishing, freedive spearfishing, and surfing seemed like a natural evolution. Our experience in providing guests extraordinary experiences on dive trips translates directly to getting you on a big brown trout, in a school of yellowtail, or at an uncrowded surf break. In addition, with partner outfitters, resorts, and yachts all over the world you can trust us to deliver an experience of a lifetime.

Marcus Chua

Marcus is an avid outdoorsman with a life-long passion for hunting, fishing, and exploring. Marcus enjoys every aspect of the outdoor experience, whether it’s wading through a rushing river, standing on the deck of a sportfishing yacht casting to tuna, or patiently waiting in a blind for the perfect shot at ducks.

He has travelled all over the globe to experience some of the world’s best fishing destinations. His extensive knowledge stems from hands-on experience as a deckhand on sportfishing boats, as well as his desire to chase trout all over the American West in pursuit of some of the best fly fishing trout water.

Coordinating trips with friends over the last decade to share these extraordinary experiences and adventures has led Marcus to co-found Flying Fish Adventures with Dan.


Dan Chua

Dan’s passion has led him to be a a well-rounded waterman. Whether surfing, casting flies to rising trout, freedive spearfishing, or setting up a spread for big game fish, Dan is happiest in or on the water.

He spent four years of his life sailing a catamaran around Mexico and the South Pacific, while accumulating more than 20,000 nautical sea miles. This experience  taught him to slow down and enjoy the little luxuries in life, like hot showers, cold beer, and safe anchorages. Dan holds a US Coast Guard 50Ton Captain’s License and is a NAUI Dive Master with over 2000 dives.

Comfortable driving down dusty Baja roads, chasing tubes in Indo, or spending weeks offshore on a yacht in the South Pacific, Dan is a seasoned world traveler. An avid big animal fan, nothing gets his heart pumping more than big pelagic fish, sharks out in the blue, or a big brown rising on a dry fly!